Our Favorite Collections From Glitterflops® Part 1

Are you ready for us to introduce you to your new favorite pair of flip flops? Look no further than Glitterflops®. These quality orthopedic flip flops are the ultimate comfort sandals, but they don’t just offer support, they are also the epitome of fashion. Each pair of our Glitterflops® is adorned with authentic Swarovski® crystals. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss some of our favorite collections from Glitterflops®. From our Simple Pleasures line to our Designer Series, we are sure that you are going to find something that you love. Ready to make a purchase that your feet will thank you for? Shop Glitterflops® today. 

Simple Pleasures

Our Simple Pleasures series of Glitterflops® is one of our ultimate favorites for when you want something simple, classic, and comfortable. These aren’t super-flashy flip flops like some of our others. Instead, these flip flops are ideal for wearing on a daily basis with most any outfit. This line includes our Horseshoe & Cross flip flops featuring a horseshoe with a tiny cross in the middle all made from white Swarovski® crystals, as well as our Plain Jane Black and Plain Jane Brown sandals which have a row of crystals matching the color of the flip flops along the front of the strap. If you are searching for flips flops for everyday wear, our Simple Pleasures series is a great place to start.

Crystal and Comfort

If you’re searching for some comfortable and stylish flip flops that provide a little more color than those found in the Simple Pleasures series, you may enjoy our Crystal and Comfort line. These flip flops are adorned with stunning Swarovski® crystals along the front and up the sides of the straps to add a bit more shimmer and shine to each pair. You can find our Turquoise Cross flip flops in our Cyrstal and Comfort collection. This pair of sandals features a large cross in the front of the strap and additional turquoise and white crystals stretching onto the sides of the straps. Another popular pair of flip flops from this line is the Paws edition, which features a large dog paw crafted from Swarovski® crystals and a few accent crystals running along the length of the straps. No matter which pair you choose from this collection, we are sure you’ll love the extra bling and color that these designer flip flops provide. 

Designer Series

The Designer Series collection features some of our favorite stylish flip flops including the Leopard, which features a beautiful leopard print made all from Swarovski® crystals along the straps, as well as the Snow Leopard, which is a similar print but in beautiful black and white crystals. The Designer Series is also where you will find our Fiesta flip flops. These sandals have stripes of fun colors running along the straps in a beautiful festive pattern. If you prefer flip flops that are more colorful and fun, the Designer Series from Glitterflops® is for you. 


Whether you enjoy participating in sports or are an avid fan, our Sports flip flop collection may be just what you are looking for. This series has Glitterflops® for those who love baseball, basketball, cheer, soccer, football, golf, tennis, softball and volleyball. Each is adorned with Swarovski® crystals that show off your love for the sport. For instance, our Cheer flip flops feature a large crystal megaphone in the center of the strap with several rows of white crystals reaching around the sides of the straps from some extra shimmer. If you are searching for comfortable, designer flip flops to show off your love of sports, the Sports collection from Glitterflops® has just what you need. 

Shop Designer Flip Flops Today

We hope that you enjoyed today’s blog post and that you are as excited as we are about these collections of designer flip flops from Glitterflops®. When you purchase a pair of Glitterflops®, you aren’t buying just another pair of flip flops. Our flip flops are hand-crafted by our in-house artisans and carefully constructed with materials of the highest quality. If you are searching for your new favorite flip flops, look no further than Glitterflops®. Shop these collections today.  

If you enjoyed this blog, don’t miss our next blog post, “Our Favorite Collections From Glitterflops® Part 2” where we will explore some other lines of designer flip flops from Glitterflops® that we just adore.

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