Six Tips For Healthy Summer Feet

Summer is in full swing and that means spending more time outside at the beach, at the pool, or just relaxing in the sun with your feet in full view for all to see. Most people look forward to the days when it’s warm enough to toss away your heavy winter boots in favor of some comfortable, cute summer flip flops. But, if your feet are less than perfect, or you have a tendency to not wear shoes at all during the summer, then you might want to read this post from Glitterflops. We’ll help you keep your feet looking and feeling great by following just a few simple tips. Keep reading to learn more.

Many people don’t think about foot health until they either have to bare their feet to the public or their feet start causing them pain. Your feet have a big responsibility — they support the weight of our bodies and help us get to where we want to go. In fact, over the course of a lifetime, a person will have walked an average of 110,000 miles which is equal to walking five times around the earth! When you look at it this way, it’s understandable why you’d want to make foot health a priority. 

So, what is the best way to keep your tootsies happy? Here are just a few ideas.

Stay Hydrated

Surely you’ve heard that drinking an adequate amount of water is necessary for good health. Based on everything you see on social media, in health magazines, or on diet websites, it almost seems like the more water you drink the better. Although it technically is possible to drink too much water, most people would benefit from drinking more of it. 

Water is not only important for overall health but being adequately hydrated can also prevent a number of foot problems. You’ve probably experienced the pain associated with wearing shoes that are too tight. Drinking water helps to improve circulation and minimize swelling, allowing you to keep walking without feeling like your shoes are shrinking.

Water also helps to flush uric acid out of your system — the cause of a painful condition known as gout that creates very painful, swollen joints, and commonly affects the big toe. If that wasn’t enough reason to drink more water, you should also know that it can help you avoid foot and leg cramps and even keep your toenails looking great.

Don’t Go Barefoot In Common Areas

If you can’t wait for any excuse to take off your shoes, you’re probably happy to go barefoot all summer long. But you should beware — going without shoes in common areas at the beach or the pool could be putting you at risk of viruses, bacterial infections, and warts. Once you contract one of these nasty conditions it’s difficult to get rid of it — and your barefoot days will be gone until you do. 

If the athlete’s foot or plantar warts don’t get you, sharp objects and foreign materials just might. Going without foot protection makes it easier for things like glass and splinters to make their way into your feet.

Prevent and Treat Dry, Cracked Heels

Dry heels not only look ugly, if left untreated, they may also start to crack. Once that happens, you’ll not only be dealing with pain, but you’ll be at risk for infection. That’s why it’s so important to take care of dry heels before they become a real problem. 

Keep in mind that cracked heels can be caused by more than just general dryness. They can also be attributed to fungus, vitamin deficiency, or another underlying health condition. If you often have trouble with cracked heels it may be a good idea to check with your doctor.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen! 

Sunscreen….on your feet? That’s right! In the summer, it’s likely that your feet are being exposed to the sun for the first time in many months. This makes them susceptible to sunburn, more so than any other part of your body. So, before heading out the door, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen to your face, arms, legs, and the tops of your feet.  

Keep Feet Clean and Dry

Heading to the pool or beach? Don’t forget to take your summer flip flops. Getting your feet wet and then wearing tennis shoes or other close-toed shoes will only keep the moisture trapped inside, allowing bacteria and fungus to grow. Want to prevent this from happening? Always make sure to keep your feet clean and dry, and if you do get them wet, make sure to wear your flip flops!

Wear Shoes With Adequate Support 

One of the best things you can do for your feet all year-round is to wear comfortable shoes with adequate support. If that makes it sound like you’ll be stuck wearing shoes that are less-than-trendy or even down-right ugly, you don’t have to worry. Simply visit the Glitterflops website for fashionable flip flops that are more comfortable than any you’ve ever worn before. 

Glitterflops are made with Orthofoam® technology and a mild arch support plus they also have a durable outsole designed for all-weather traction. Glitterflops are proof that shoes can look great while also preventing you from having to suffer from pain in your heels, legs, and back.

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