Why You Should Buy Flip Flops with Arch Support

When people think of arch support, they generally think about clunky shoes and having to sacrifice fashion and versatility for the pain relieving and other benefits of shoes with proper arch support. This is not true, though! Of course, studies show that wearing flimsy footwear — like your typical flip flop — can be bad for your feet, causing issues like plantar fasciitis and lower back pain. Not Glitterflops® though! Our shoes are designed with premium-quality arch support and leverage Orthofoam Technology®, giving our flip flops just enough support to allow your feet to feel like they’re floating! What makes Glitterflops® the best flip flops with arch support? In addition to the implementation of cutting-edge Orthofoam Technology®:

  • The outsole of our flip flops are extremely durable and provide a high degree of traction, making them suitable for all weather conditions
  • We use genuine leather lined with a soft polyester mesh to provide you superior, all-day comfort
  • The soft polyester toe piece is the only part that goes between your toes. It is so soft you most likely won’t even notice it at all
  • All of our orthopedic flip flops are adorned with real Swarovski® crystals which have been hand-set by our in-house artisans in Whitesboro, Texas

Besides these unique design aspects, there are plenty of other reasons to buy flip flops with arch support, such as Glitterflops®.

5 Reasons to Get Flip Flops With Arch Support

#1: Comfort

In particular if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, knee pain, bunions, heel spurs, or another kind of foot or ankle condition, you know how important arch support is for protecting your feet and legs from strain and damage. As an added benefit, the Orthofoam Technology® implemented in our famously comfortable flip flops provide the perfect therapy for your feet, constantly massaging the bottom of your foot as you walk. Combine the support with the comfort and freedom of a high-quality flip flop, and you’ve got yourself quite the winning combination.

Flip flops can get a bad rap, but that’s mainly due to the fact that most people imagine them as cheap, uncomfortable shoes from the past. However, this type of shoe has come a very long way since the early 2000s and before. Flip flops are today made even for people with issues like bunions, flat feet, and foot injuries! Check out our collection of Glitterflops® for examples of high-end, comfortable flip flops suitable for almost all types of feet!

#2: Support

The basic benefit of comfortable flip flops with arch support is that they provide you year-round structural support. Glitterflops® provide you mild arch support and stable traction for all weather conditions, giving you the support and confidence you need to wear them all day without worrying about twisting your ankle due to wet concrete or unnecessarily triggering your plantar fasciitis to work up. If you are looking for flip flops for plantar fasciitis with great arch support, Glitterflops® are your premium option!

#3: Style

Orthopedic shoes don’t have to be ugly or non-trendy. Glitterflops® are fashion-forward flip flops designed to look great in all sorts of situations. Glitterflops® are proof that shoes can look great while also preventing you from having to suffer from pain in your heels, legs, and back. Sounds too good to be true? Check out our collection of sparkly flip flops to see for yourself!

#4: Versatility

Glitterflops® are also great for many different occasions, including vacations, sport events, weddings, date nights, and relaxing around the house! Glitterflops® aren’t like regular flip flops, where you wear them just around the house or to the beach though, they are designed for every-day wear, no matter what you’re doing. Why compromise on style for comfort when you can wear Glitterflops® and look great while enjoying the freedom and breathability of being barefoot coupled with the advantages of a high-end orthopedic shoe? If you haven’t ordered a pair of Glitterflops® to test them out yet, order now! Your feet will thank you…

#5: Choice

With Glitterflops®, you have the freedom to choose between many different styles and options of flip flops. Our most popular shoes are the Simple Pleasures series flip flops. These are a great, affordable, high-quality flip flop suitable to most people. However, if you are looking to get the highest-end, most comfortable flip flops for plantar fasciitis, then you may want to check out our Designer’s Series. These shoes are:

  • Made with ½-inch thick Orthofoam® for enhanced shock absorption
  • Have light arch support
  • Are 100% washable
  • Have a genuine leather strap
  • Have a sturdy outsole for durability
  • Are embellished with multi-colored hand-placed Swarovski® crystals of your choice

Glitterflops® are like a party for your feet! Our bright, embellished flip flops are perfect for practically every situation, and are made to last and to make your feet feel fantastic. Designed to gently cradle your feet with the right amount of cushioning and light arch support, our sparkly flip flops will keep your feet happy all day long!

Order Glitterflops® Online Today

At Glitterflops, we understand that happy, healthy feet can mean the difference between a happy, mobile day and a sad, painful one. That’s why we created orthopedic flip flops designed to both help your feet feel better and also look stylish! Most of our flip flop options include sparkly Swarovski® crystals that glimmer in the sunlight. When you get a pair of Glitterflops®, you get all the best features of an orthopedic shoe combined with a super-stylish flip flop.

Glitterflops® aren’t just another uncomfortable designer shoe. Our company’s mission began with the goal of creating the most comfortable flip flop on the planet. We believe that we have achieved this goal with Glitterflops®, specifically by leveraging advanced Orthofoam Technology® to provide unrivaled strength and support. These aren’t your kids flip flops — these are specifically designed to provide you with fantastic arch support so you can confidently wear them all day long. Our customers love being able to wear a stylish flip flop that actually alleviates their back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions. If you’re looking for a shoe that looks fantastic, that won’t make you hurt, and will last for years to come, shop Glitterflops today!

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